Hi I am Roger and this entire site is my dream.This page is a little about me. I want to provide you with a little about where I’ve been and why I am providing you with the ability to talk with me to introduce you to finding the passion within.

Before I do that I want to let you know that the work I do “Empowered Creations” is my passion. It is to assist those of you that know you have something inside of you that you really want to get out. It can be…

  • Building your own business.
  • Creating an opening to have that special person come into your life.
  • Bringing your passion alive.
  • Help you develop your empathic abilities.
  • Eliminate what is stopping you from being the best you ever!
  • Or any other dream you may have.

Now that I addressed my own passion, here is a little of my story…

Moving out of my parents home at 17 I could create anything my heart desired. I did a tour in the Marines becoming a Sargent and got married at 18 while I was in the Marines. I was extremely successful accomplishing anything and everything that was placed in front of me easily and effortlessly. Upon leaving the Marines my wife was pregnant with our daughter, who was to be born the month after I got out.

Most people would have been afraid of leaving the security of the Marines for a life of the unknown. Yet for me I had no fear, I knew that I could find a job and take care of my family. My daughter was born, I found a nice job that took me up the ladder fast, and bought a home all within the first 2 months of leaving the Marines.

I moved up to becoming the highest paid person in that job, and left it knowing from my empathic abilities that the business was going to be gone in less than a year.

I found a new job which created the path of becoming a director, consultant, trainer, and so many other titles I just want to give you the idea of how I could make anything my heart desire manifest in a matter of moments.

I even had a job where I was told not to interview as I would not get it, nor was I qualified to have it. That was told by one of the people interviewing me. I again hear from my empathic abilities that I would have the job, but only for 3 years. Than I would have to move on to create what I am doing right now. During the interview they offered me the job, before they even interviewed anyone else and you guessed it! 

I had it for three years to the day!

It was a few months before that three years were up. And as I was getting prepared to travel the next day to Boston it was September 11th 2001! You can guess what happened. 

At this point I hear that my three years are up! 

I knew that watching the attack on the towers was life changing for me. In fact my entire life went from riches to rags. Having owned 4 beautiful homes and everything that would go along with them, to living in my car.

Having years that I could not even make a dime. I studied and searched for answers to…


I couldn’t understand? Ever since I could remember I could make anything work out for me, until than! I studied, I searched, and could not understand what happened to me. It took me 15 years to discover what I needed to do. 

But now I know that I had to merge my empathic side and my business side to find how I could recreate my world. I was so confused, going from making anything I wanted to manifest, to living in my car?

My New Back Yard!

Like I said it took me close to 15 years to discover what was going on. But I found that I shut the empathic side of me down, and did not have any confidence what’s so ever. But knew that when I was told by the empathic abilities I had, that I was to move into what I really wanted to do in this world. I had to find the answer so that I could share it with YOU.  

Knowing that and knowing that if you continue to search you will find your answers. Which helped me create a life that is even better than before. Only this time I did it with my heart connected to every step of the way. I did it knowing that the right people will be searching me out and getting trained so that YOU do not have to struggle like I did. 

Because I had a job that gave me the skills to create training to help people move forward in their business I took those skills to not just help myself, but…

I Had YOU On My Mind!

You may be saying I don’t even know you! Well I really do!

You see, if you are reading this it is because our energies are matching and what I am teaching is something you know deep inside of you is for you!

My passion and dream now is to assist as many people as possible to Empower Their Own Creations!

Life was hard, and looking back I really don’t know how I am still alive, but because I am, I KNOW that I have a mission and you are that mission!

What do you want to create? Schedule a half hour consultation with me and together we can sharpen that dream for you, so that you have the able to move into your passion. Schedule a half hour and we can find your passion…