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Issues show up in our relationships due to a lack of understanding of our partner. But without knowing who YOU are how are you to understand the differences and what to do about it?

 “I know I’ve struggled for many years till I finally started understanding who I was and who my partner was and how we both can show up authentically, which changed how I saw my partner and the ways she showed up different than me.”

This page is dedicated to begin the process of understanding yourself and your partner so that you can see where the struggles have been coming from and what to do about it. As you may already know we are made up of energy, and this energy is what makes us all different.

We will only focus on 3 of those energies so you can begin to understand why relationships begin to break down. These 3 energies become active at different times or activities in our day. When you begin to understand these energies you will begin to see why issues occur. First let’s define the 3 energies…

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Mental Body

Each of these energies show up at different times during our daily lives. Let’s begin with the energy that is active most of your day…

Your Primary Energy

This energy is you when you are just BEING yourself!  In other words, “Your Creative Expression!” The more you learn to love yourself the more your primary energy will show up.

That is the reason many people struggle with their primary energy. yet the funny thing about your primary energy is there is really nothing to struggle with.

When you show up loving yourself, you are BEING your Primary energy. The best way to except this energy is to BE and LOVE the who you are. Being in your Primary energy will bring you more energy and more desire to contribute more to your world in your own way! Your Primary energy is one of 7 energies…

  1. King
  2. Server
  3. Warrior
  4. Artisan
  5. Scholar
  6. Priest
  7. Sage

So What Does This Mean To You?
How Can You Be More Energized?
How Can You Make A Difference In The World?

Well let’s take each of the energies and provide you with a short description of them so you can see which closes describes how you show up. When you can understand your Primary energy and live in it, you will understand how you can be stronger and contribute in a stronger more meaningful way!

King – Being a King is being the person that everyone goes too! The King is ruler of their world and everyone in it, getting others to do the things they need done, and getting them done right! They are a no nonsense person. One that takes charge and everyone knows it.

Server –  They live in their heart! They are always finding ways to assist those around them and enjoy doing so. Servers do not understand meanness. You know you have Server in you when you want to be behind someone being their cheerleader, helping them be happy.

Warrior –  Get it done, and do it fast and with little effort! Warriors are those that will get things done, and will find the easiest way to do it, making things organized. They are work horses, that are not afraid of getting in and making things happen.

Artisan –  These are the world changers! They do not see the world like everyone else, they see all the options and are extremely creative. They can find a way to make anything happen, and you will notice that they are not in any box.

Scholar –  If you need to find out an answer to something you simply ask a Scholar! They seem to understand things quickly and do not brag about it. Scholars are always providing answers to questions with little emotion about it. You can never understand how they have the answer so easily, without having to study things.

Priest – They love to inspire others! Priest love to have a mission and share it with the world. They will find a direction that inspires them and move towards it with passion and a desire to share it with the world. When priests get moving in a direction it is hard to change their mind about it, as they have it so clear in their mind.

Sage – These are the story tellers! They are great at seeing the patterns in everything, and love to find out everyone’s thoughts about a subject and than come up with a story that incorporates everyone’s ideas together. They love to express, especially in story telling to get a better understanding of what they are trying to say.

Which of these 7 energies has more meaning to you? Discovering your Primary energy can just by itself bring you more peace and energize your life. If you want to learn more about yourself and your energies go to and schedule a no nonsense coaching session to learn more about your Primary energy.

Next Step…

Secondary Energy