If you read about me, you would know that for over 15 years I either slept in my car, or on someone’s couch. That was until I studied enough to find my own answers. It took me 15 years and lots of long hours to get myself making money and being happy and passionate, or as I call it a Empowered Creator!

During my learning process I promised myself that if I found the way to empower myself I would help others to do the same. So along with learning how to empower myself I also asked; “How Can I Train Others That Could Not Afford To Pay For A Personal Coach”?

That’s when I realized that if I got a group together I could help others, and they could afford to pay me so that I could live without giving things away. So I have created two Mastermind Groups to start and when I find any others that are needed I will create them also.

I learned that there were two Mastermind Groups that I myself needed. Please check them out to see which one would benefit you the most at this time…

Empower Your Emphatic Self