How many times have you started to create a goal, go after it only to stop short of making it happen? That is what I want to share with you…

The Why you Stop Short!

First I want to share that this really is normal. You see our mind is created into 3 parts. No you don’t have 3 minds. To understand the mind and how it works we divide how we process things into 3 parts.

To better understand what I am talking about, let me define those parts…

  • Conscious Mind
  • Unconscious Mind
  • Action Mind

How they work together will assist you in changing the process and making things happen in your world. Today is a basic knowledge of how the conscious mind works.

First let me explain that the conscious mind is your thoughts, it is the collection of what shows up in your world. You notice things through all your senses, which brings information to you.

This conscious mind collects everything you notice and puts a meaning to it providing that to your unconscious mind. So as you collect data, you are determining one of two options…

  • Do I believe it is true?
  • Do I believe it is false?

The important information about the conscious mind is that it does not store any information at all. It is only 5% to 10% of how we move through life. And it only processes information as to yes or no, true or false, believe the information or not.

This is the creative part of your mind, noticing as much as it can. The reason I say as much as it can is if you have ever asked someone to give you something only to find that what you were asking for was right in front of you. This is due to the conscious mind not being in alignment with that item.

So another way to say that is, your conscious mind only sees what you wish to create. We have blind spots that our mind needs to work together to create. Which leads me to our next writing…

How the Unconscious Mind Works! 

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