To start our understanding of the unconscious mind, we need to start looking at it as the driver of your life. This is due to 90% to 95% of our life is run through the unconscious mind.

For me this was first a place of denial, than I moved to a what can I do about it.

I first had a hard time believing that my life was driven unconsciously. But once I understood this concept, it made it easier to learn how to drive my life effectively. I began to look at my life differently.

First I thought that if I am living unconsciously, which is how I took that. Than how can I change anything within my life? I first started looking at what do I have control of?

The Conscious Mind!

Knowing that changed everything. I asked the question; “If the unconscious mind drives my life and it is 90% to 95% of the control, what about the other 5% to 10%?” Looking at that I knew that I had to bring quality into that small percentage. Again asking how do I do that? I found the answer to be, as a statement I heard many years ago…

“We Do Not See Things As They Are, We See Things As We Are”

 So changing how I see things brought about a better vision of what I saw. This is how we drive our world. That 5% to 10% that we have control of changes as we see things in a different attitude. So in short, look at your conscious mind with a child like joy. And joy will be how you drive your life.

Or bring in confidence and confidence will drive your life. In other words ensuring that what you consciously bring into your world is defined in an attitude that you want in your life, will eventually drive your life.

One thought on “The Unconscious Mind

  1. Thanks for the article, Roger. It makes lots of sense.

    Please could you explain in more details this quote: “We Do Not See Things As They Are, We See Things As We Are” ?

    And would you be so kind to give me some examples how can we see things in a different attitude?

    I appreciate your input.

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